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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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a gunshot location system. commissioner dejesus: motion to approve. >> just briefly, if we could have a very, very brief splanks explanation of -- brief explanation of what the shots fired system is? >> good evening, commissioners. we currently have 3.3 square miles of the city. 1.3 in the bay view, one in the mission, and one in the northern district. those areas are currently opragal. we are currently working on a grant that was accepted last year in the amount of $1 million to expand the system further by four squares miles. we should see that system operational in the sunnydale valley very soon. in fact, we are installing a
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work station at ingelside station tomorrow, so that is one component of the notice. this grant would allow for us to expand the shots fired system in addition to two square miles. what we're looking at is historiccally there is roughly a 15-square-mile area of the city where we have seen the majority of gunfire. additionally as we look at population projection primarily in the southeast corner of the city, we need to plan for the future. so as we are incremently building this system, that's exactly what we're doing. >> what is the shots-fired system? >> it is actually built on the same technology that identifies the epicenter of an earthquake. sound travels at a consistent speed. so when you place the markers at different locations, and that sound hits those markers at different times, to be able to then identify the location where
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the sound emanated from. this in particular is from a company called shots fired incorporated. they are located in mountain view. effectively the system listens for gunfire. it alerts the officers to listen for the presence of it. the timein which that alert takes place is roughly 10 seconds. the difference in the response is monumental. when we rely upon citizens, generally i merses the shots fired system, you see a difference in the shots fired time. that's from the actual event to the time that the officers arrive on the scene. further more, when there is a citizen call for service connected with the shots fired system, we're only seeing 11% representation from the system, so the system is picking up substantially more activity than if we had relied solely on
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citizens to report incidents of gunfire. >> the epicenter screen or wherever it is at monitors a screen, and then the signal is sent out to officers that are out in the community or does each officer in that area have something portable that they pick up the signal with? right now our dispatch officers actually see the alert as they come in. there is a work station within the lieutenant's office or in the process of getting the sfim system mobile so that it will go into a selected number of patrol vehicles, primarily supervisors who effectively can direct its response according to the type of incident that's developing. so currently, it is -- the
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dispatch process is the same. dispatch officer will receive the information, send it over the police radio, or the lieutenant at the given station will direct, and the lieutenant and the dispatcher both have google type maps where they can actually see building lines and streets and so forth and then direct the officers accordingly. once the mobile units are active, then you have a much more greater ability of the sforse and argents in the field to actually direct based upon point geography that they are quite familiar with. >> terrific. thank you very much for answering the question. >> thank you. good to see you again. president marshall: any public comment on this team before we vote? hearing none. we have a motion to approve and
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a second. any seconds? so ordered. thank you. lieutenant, item number 8. we're getting there, mr. johnson. oh, he left. he couldn't stand it. >> item 8 is routine administrative business, routine announce lts, and scheduling ever items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. president marshall: any announcements? hearing none, ok. then we'll go to b. scheduling ever items identified for consideration at future meet ings. we put a skeleton list together of disciplinary items to be considered in the next couple months, i think it was. and that would give us an idea about -- i think lieutenant was going to try to put anything else on there that had been
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suggested mple so we're looking forward to that, because we don't have it yet. >> commissioner mazzucco. >> lieutenant reilly, do we have -- commissioner dejesus, i think we're discussing general order 8.0. i was going to ask you, is it possible we can continue that for another week? the chief wants to be here for the presentation, and he wants to be here wednesday night. >> and they are not available to follow. >> maybe two weeks down the road. the chief needs to be here. >> i need to -- i want to make sure they are available. do you have any idea? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure. commissioner dejesus: why don't we talk off line. >> we'll take that off calendar for next week. so i doubt that -- i would ask that that be taken off calendar. do we need to do a motion?
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thank you. i appreciate that. president marshall: anything else? all right. public comment on item number 8. none. item number 9. >> item number 9 is public comment on all matters pertaining to closed session which is item 11 below, including public comment on whether to go into closed session. president marshall: comment on item number 9? none. item number 10. >> item 10 is a vote on whether to moled hold a closed session. president marshall: without objection, so ordered. we will move into closed session, and we will stay in this room, and we'll take the items in order unless the commissioners say otherwise. we'll take a break for five
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minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the commission is going into closed session. we ask that the room be cleared. >> commission is returning to open session at 9:36 p.m..
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>> would you please call item number 12th. >> this is a vote to disclose or not disclose any items that were discussed in closed session. >> is there any public comment? >> know. >> item 13 is adjournment. >> some moved and seconded. >> we will adjourn in favor of the giants' victory.
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we have to make sure we are accurate here. i am grateful so many folks came out for the swearing in. in particular, i want to thank -- you seem so lonely over there. supervisor dufty by himself representing the board of supervisors. the round of applause for him for being here. we are grateful. [applause] i am thankful that a number of
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department heads live -- are here at their peril. let me not recognize them. [laughter] but recognize their leader, about to be appointed cao of the city, the chief administrative officer of the city. ed lee is here. [applause] thank you, ed. we appreciate it. we are appointing people to various boards and commissions. you are familiar, i am sure of the good work at the asian arts commission and how proud we are to have this remarkable institution that has not yet gotten the recognition it deserves. it is remarkable around the rest of the world people talk about it but not around our neighborhoods.
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we need to promote this extraordinary institution which has the most comprehensive collection of asian artifacts of any museum of its type in the u.s. it is right there in your backyard, right there next to the migrant building. please talk about it, not just members of the commission. please encourage our students and families to celebrate the remarkable contribution of the asian community which really built this city, in many ways. i am proud that we will be appointing some familiar faces that have done a lot to promote the asian art museum but have never formally been on the commission. i am pleased to be reappointing anthony sun and lesley tan shilling.
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they have done a great job and have been enthusiastically presented to me for reappointment. i am honored youtube? let me thank everyone for the opportunity for being here. it has been an honor to serve as your mayor for seven years. thank you. please ask for permission next time? [laughter] we are proud and honored that we are continuing in the formal advocacy of the asian art museum. there you are.
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we are blessed to have you. you have been a steadfast supporter of the museum. we are grateful for you taking upon this opportunity and serving in a formal capacity. you may not know these folks, but they are an impressive group. the housing authority. everyone could have, should have would have, on the sidelines -- we all know how it works. supervisor brown, reverend, dr., leader reverend brown. he is very enthusiastic that veronica honeycutt will be
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serving. i have been a huge supporter of hers. i am grateful that you will be serving on this commission. is that why all the purple shirts are here? labor? either you are protesting me, or it is something. all of our friends at a local 87. i am grateful that you are here. a lot of labor leaders are here. obviously, my great friend, a seamstress -- teamsters are here. they are here in formal capacity. we have the leader of our labor movement, here in san francisco, all here to celebrate asha coming on board. i am happy that you are serving on the housing authority
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commission. mare's disability council, roland wong, christine and james, we are grateful that you will be serving. we are grateful for the work you do with the american disabilities act. we just celebrated an anniversary of the ada. you all are leading by example. thank you for your willingness to continue on and serve on this council. i appreciate the board of supervisors tried to right some wrongs at the chamber by making accessible our own chambers, which is remarkable in 2010. i told bart, i do not know why, and i know it is sort of patronizing, but why would anyone want to serve?
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literally, why would anyone want to serve on the bart board? those of you on the red board know what i mean. god bless you as well. they have held the line. there is not this friction between tenants and landlords like we have experienced in the past. tim, you remember those days. we have avoided all of that. barbara, you were around as well. do not act like you do not remember those years. it is good that we are holding the line. bob patterson, i have known him for ever. thank you for your willingness to sit on the small business commission. he is someone who worked for many years on behalf of small businesses. he was approaching retirement but wanted to give back, and he
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is a great advocate. i am pleased that you took my call and said yes. thank you. on the ti, when i appointed larry, i said, trust me, this will be one of the most exciting boards in the city. we finally got conveyance from the navy on this private participation -- private-partner ship. that work will start next year. it will be one of the most exciting developments in history. it will be one of the greatest developments in the nation -- greenest developments in the nation. this is one of the most dynamic and exciting developments that this country has ever been afforded. the folks that i will mention, those that will be reappointed,
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claudine, and john paul, you have been doing the drudgery work. now you get to enjoy the actual work, rebuilding and revitalizing the neighborhoods. it is a really exciting time. i thought we would have linder richardson join you. she has always been fighting for our diverse communities. she will put a human face on the development. i am blessed, linda, that you said yes. three great reappointment, a new appointee that will get us to the next level. i knew that i was losing the audience. talking too much. seven months old. it is always tough to keep any audience. thank you all very much for taking the time to be here. i want to thank my chief of staff as well. [applause]
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he has got some friends. i want to thank matthew for organizing all of this, getting you all here. thank you. with that, why don't we get to the formal part of the program. you can stand, you can sit, but all you have to do -- you have a choice -- is raise your right hand and repeat after me. what i will do is i will say i then everyone will state their name. and then during such time as you hold the position of -- and then we would just go down the line. each one of you will let us know what you will be doing in a more public manner. you will all be serving longer
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than i will be serving here, so all i ask is that you return my phone calls. do not forget who i am. [laughter] ok, i have some alternatives. this is a good group of people. vote your conscience. do what you think is right. and remember, not everyone in the city is represented by the people in front of you. so do not forget, just because you are in organized special interest -- we have some great special interests -- but just because you are special interest does not mean that you represent everybody. you represent the entire city. do not forget that. veronica. amen.
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i -- >> [inaudible] >> do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. and that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same period that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion, and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to
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enter. and during such time, as i hold the position, as a member -- >> [inaudible] >> for the city and county of san francisco. it is official. a round of applause. [applause]
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